Category: Natural Sweeteners


Description: Non-GM Rice Maltitol is a Natural Sweetener. A clear colorless syrup with a sweet taste.


A clear colorless syrup with a sweet taste.

Sugar Alcohol % > 68.5
Dry Matter g/100g > 68.5
Water g/100g < 31.5
Reducing Sugar % < 0.3
Maltitol % ≥ 50
Sorbitol % ≤ 8
pH (14% dilution) 5.0 - 7.5
Ash % < 0.1
Nickle < 1 ppm
Std Plate Count < 1000/g
Yeasts & Molds) < 100/g
E. Coli Absent

The product is in compliance with USP 2009.
* All values stated are "typical".
Note: Product is Certified Kosher.

The following are acceptable for ingredient statements:
Rice Maltitol, Maltitol.

Total Fat0 g
Nurtient Unit Per 100 Grams
Total Calories Cal 175
Sugar Alcohol g > 68.5
Other Carbohydrates g 0
Dietry Fiber g 0
Total Fat g 0
Cholesterol mg 0
Protien g 0

* Based on information published in Journal of American Dietetic Association. 2004; 104; 255-275.

gmo-imageInformation contained is based on laboratory work and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate. All values stated are "typical values" and are subject to variations. This information is given in good faith and no warranty, express or implied, is made. Product should be tested for suitability and conformity with all relevant food legislation prior to use.